How Chatbots are Becoming a Vital Part of App Development?

Chatbots are automated software agents. A part of A.I.'s development, they are an essential element of natural language learning.

The implementation of Chatbots has mainly implemented in the website and smart applications. They help to interact with the visitors usually in a natural language such as English and operate tasks as requested by the visitors.

The history of chatbots goes as far back as 1960s. It saw a major rise in use and iteration in the last two decades.

How chatbots are becoming a vital part of app development?

The use of chatbots isn’t only limited to as a medium for communication but for other purposes too. In today’s time, chatbots can be used for the application development process. It makes the app development process less time-consuming and more effective.

The implications of chatbot exceed the development process. It helps amass information from both clients and coworkers.

Siri in Apple products and OK.Google in Android application is the best example of Chatbots. They are both targeted to amass information from the users and bring into the development to further iterate the application.

At the enterprise level, the use of Chatbots is often to process customer queries, sales, and support. It is worthwhile to note that chatbots can perform freely without A.I. as they are developed to understand language, however, without A.I. the chatbots can simply only understand a narrow set of language generally predefined by the programmers.

If a sentence or command deviates only so slightly from the known set of sentences, a Chatbot will not be able to parse it. To achieve that, it needs A.I.

Let’s look at the brief history of Chatbot.

History of Chatbot

The first chatbot or automated chat program ever was developed by the MIT professor Joseph Weizenbaum in the 1960s. It was called ELIZA.

ELIZA worked by parsing the words that users entered into a computer and then pairing them to a list of possible scripted responses.

It uses a script that simulated a psychotherapist. The script proved to be a significant impact on natural language processing and unnatural intelligence, with copies and variants protruding up at academies around the country.


PARRY was developed by an American psychiatrist Kenneth Colby in 1972. It imitated a patient with schizophrenia and attempts to simulate the disease. PARRY works via a complicated system of assumptions, attributions, and “emotional responses” triggered by changing weights assigned to verbal inputs.

Dr. Sbaitso

Dr. Sbaitso was the most advanced chatbot of its time. It was created by Creative Labs for MS-Dos in 1992. It is one of the earliest efforts of incorporating A.I. into a chatbot and is recognized for its full voice-operated chat program.

The program would converse with the user as if it was a psychologist. Most of its responses were along the lines of “Why do you feel that way?” rather than any sort of complicated interaction.


Jabberwacky is a chatbot, or famously known as a chatterbot, created by British programmer Rollo Carpenter in 1997. However, it was first conceived in 1981. It was developed with an aim to simulate natural human chat in an interesting, entertaining and humorous manner.

The stated purpose of the project is to create artificial intelligence that is capable of passing the Turing Test. It is designed to mimic human interaction and to carry out conversations with users. It is not designed to carry out any other functions.

Cleverbot is the evolved version of the older Jabberwacky chatterbot


A.L.I.C.E. is a universal language processing chatbot that uses heuristic pattern matching to carry conversations. In 1995, Richard Wallace pioneered the construction of ALICE.

An Integral Part of Customer Service

The implication of chatbot is the largest in customer service. Artificial Intelligence technology has been fervently adopted by businesses to better their customer service. With the help of artificial intelligence, it has become easier for businesses to communicate with customers.

The chatbot is birthed out of the need for implementing A.I. in Customer service. With the help of it, A.I. can be implemented to an application easily. As a result, end-users shall get the opportunity to connect with the business with ease. Thanks to AI and chatbots, no human intervention is required in communication between the buyers and the business.

Chatbot diagram

A. I. and Chatbot are both parts of User experience (UX). Applying chatbot to a website greatly increases the user experience. A user could inquire about the product, service, and prices without the need to surf other webpages. Siri and Ok.Google does the same thing when it comes to smartphones. It saves time for the users searching for “the nearest pizza eatery,” “nearest pet hospital,” and “latest movies” etc.

For better user experience, artificial intelligence has to be integrated with the applications or websites. With the addition of chatbots, the developers can make an application more useful. Overall user-friendliness and value of the application will get enhanced through the integration of chatbots.

The Next Generation of Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots are ever-improving. They form a greater part of the new generation of A.I. With the rise in technology, every product or service will be summarized into A.I. whatever a user may need; the chatbot powered by A.I. will find and deliver to the user at a go.

With chatbots, developers can conveniently develop the next generation applications with perfection. It will contribute to bettering both User Interaction (UI) and User Experience.

To create the next-level applications for mobile phones or Smartphone devices, it is essential to integrate the apps with chatbots. A virtual assistant will always prove to be useful for understanding various features of the applications. So, the overall user satisfaction level will grow exponentially.

Personalized Marketing

The goal of marketing is to personalize marketing. The new marketing technique involves targeting an individual’s needs. Developers have to make applications in a way that offers personalization options to the users. For this, they need data that accounts for user’s purchase history, preferences, budget, expenditure, etc.

Personalizing the application will make it more user-friendly. Applications built-in with personalized features give more convenience to the users in using the apps and power to purchase. The integration of A.I. into the chatbot will help personalize the marketing process. A user can input their request and immediately receive the desired results through the brief communication with the chatbot.

This is why developers focus on making the applications that come with powerful and AI integrated chatbots. Users can ask questions anytime, and they shall get automated and accurate answers.

Security of mobile apps

The implementation of A.I. into chatbot also helps to provide security to user data, user interaction, and app security.

The safety of data is the key to any businesses’ success. Developers must ensure to implement stronger firewalls and encryption systems to keep user data safe.

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