Here, you can find answers to all our queries from building a website, marketing to designing the information system for your business. If you can’t find answer of your choice, you can simply fill up the contact form through our website.

We develop customized websites and mobile apps at affordable price regardless of field, size and budget of the business or company. We go one step further and make every website responsive. Our team is experienced and updated and delivers products and services quick. After completion of products, we take responsibility to get you to the top in the digital market through contents, SEO and social media. Also, we are not limited, we offer variety of services and products.
We do everything digitally, from preparations to testing of the product. We will be in active communication throughout the process. Together, we finalize the customizations, features and framework through conference call. We send you the progress of the product in every step of development process via email. You can send your feedback the same way.
Our experts understand business and the current flow. We give it a time to understand and transform your idea into a product. We make sure the product is best to fulfill your business goal. If we cannot do it, we don’t start it. We set our cost at low, so that the startups should not have to back because of the lack of budget.
Cost depends upon the customization and complexity of the product or service. There's no fix rate, but we can assure that our price is lower than other similar service providers. Also, we are offering free web hosting and SEO service if you build your products with us.
We work with every kind of businesses, either small or big. Our clienteles range from local shops, franchise to MNCs, and we deal with every kind of industries.
We extensively use user-friendly and compatible web platforms using the latest HTML and CSS solutions. We use custom made to readily available CMS systems for building a website.
We build your website and market it throughout the web using digital marketing techniques. We also specialize in digital marketing and branding of the business, which helps in increasing sales and revenue of the business.
Like cost, time is also variable because of the customization in the products. Generally a website takes one man month to be completely ready. It may take less or more depending upon extra features you add to it.
Our team works as the IT wing for your company or business. You will own the intellectual property for the products or services we develop.
Yes, we offer digital marketing and branding services to every kind of business. We ascertain and analyze your business goal and formulate the best marketing plan in the budget of your choice.
We specialize in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, public relations, branding, social media marketing, content marketing and blogging and paid advertisements.
CRM or Customer Relation Management is a tool to help automate most of your sales and marketing processes to save time and effort in running manual operations. CRM can be customized according to the size and need of the business.
E-commerce stands for online commerce. Online commerce depends on accessibility of information, reliability of the business and easy shopping solutions. We ascertain all these facts before developing an e-commerce solution for your business which reduces chances of website redesign in the future.

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